Trees, Shrubs and Flowers

The Board recognizes and appreciates the fact that families may like to have flowers, trees and/or shrubs planted around headstones, which also enhances the appearance of the cemetery.

Trees and shrubs are allowed to be planted on either side of the headstone – they are not allowed in front – providing there is room within the owned burial plot – they must be of a variety that can be easily trimmed or pruned and kept at levels so not to interfere with another family’s space. If they are unkept and start to die the cemetery has the right to remove them as they see fit. The cemetery employees may trim trees and shrubs, as they see fit, as time permits, to control the growth and keep them looking their best. Rose bushes are not permitted, due to staff safety: eg. thorns.

Flower beds are allowed and must not exceed six inches in front of the headstone. The baskets that clip on top of the headstone are the preferred style of the cemetery, as it allows our employees to mow and trim around the headstone much more efficiently, plus it makes the cemetery much neater in appearance. Flowers are definitely not permitted in the center of the rows of graves. eg. flat markers.

It is the responsibility of the lot owners to plant and care for their own flowers, shrubs and trees.

Under no circumstances will flowers be allowed in glass containers, due to staff safety.